Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One month down!

2010 went so fast that I have decided this year to reflect at the end of each month on what I have accomplished so that I live in the moment of 2011.

During January, with the help of Laurie Mennell of Basic Organization:
- I organized my new office and shredded 65 pounds of unneeded paper
- I organized my yarn room and donated 8 contractor bags of yarn
- I organized my closet and donated 4 bags of clothes
The take away from this experience is to ask for help and give things to people who can use them.

I also knit a bridal shawl, interviewed another PR agency, wrote thank you notes, attended an important networking event, planned a trip to NZ to see my son Alex, joined an investment group, wrote a newsletter and read a book.

So I feel good about the first month of this year. In February I am looking forward to reading the first draft of Breast In Show and hearing some of the songs. I will continue to take Apple classes and start the Capital Speakers Class. So much to look forward to - it is going to be a great year!